Texas State Vehicle Inspections

The state of Texas takes road safety very seriously, and therefore requires thorough vehicle inspections that go beyond an emissions test. If you need to register a new vehicle or renew your registration on an old vehicle, you must pass a vehicle inspection within a 90 day period prior to registering that vehicle. 

At Nationstar Autoplex, not only are we proud to provide the community with affordable prices on great pre-owned vehicles, but we are also a qualified state vehicle inspection station. Vehicle inspections are required state-wide, and emissions tests are required in certain counties, including Denton County. In order for a vehicle to be registered and titled, it must have an up-to-date proof of inspection. Click here to view current inspection prices for varying vehicle types. 

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What Does a Texas Vehicle Inspection Entail?

The technicians performing your state inspection will look for the following items:

1. Horn
2. Windshield Wipers
3. Mirror
4. Steering
5. Seat Belts
6. Brakes (system) Parking - (beginning with 1960 models)
7. Tires
8. Wheel Assembly
9. Safety Guards or Flaps (if four tires or more on rearmost axle)
10. Exhaust System
11. Exhaust Emission System (beginning with 1968 models)
12. Beam Indicator (beginning with 1948 models)
13. Tail Lamps (2); (1) if 1959 model or earlier
14. Stop Lamps (3) 1994 and newer; (2) if 1960-1993; (1) if 1959 model or earlier
15. License Plate Lamp (1)
16. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
17. Turn Signal Lamps (beginning with 1960 models) (mea-sure if 1959 model or earlier)
18. Head Lamps (2)
19. Motor, Serial, or Vehicle Identification Number
20. Gas caps on vehicles 2-24 model years old
21. Window Tint
Emissions Testing

Gas-powered vehicles aged 2 through 24 years require an OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics- Second Generation) in applicable counties. Diesel powered vehicles and motorcycles do not require an emissions test. There are two different types of emissions testing in Texas, the two speed idle test and the On-Board Diagnostics test.

The two speed idle test is for vehicles manufactured before 1995 that do not possess a modern on-board diagnostic system. This test is measured directly through the vehicles tailpipe while the car is idling. The more common OBDII test uses a tool that plugs directly into the vehicle's internal computer to determine if the vehicle's emission components are functioning properly.

Some common reasons that your vehicle might have failed an OBDII Emissions test include:
  • Catalytic Converter Failure
  • Ignition Timing
  • Fuel Metering out of Specification
  • Gas Cap Issues
Texas Window Tint Laws

Because a window tint inspection is part of all passenger cars and pickup truck inspections in Texas, it is important to know what percentages of tint are acceptable by law. 

The front windows to the left and right of you as the driver must have more than 25% light transmission to pass inspection, no matter the model of your vehicle. Sunscreening devices can be applied to the windshield and rear window as long as they are not red, amber, or blue, and fall within the range of more than 25% light transmission. Exceptions can be made for the rear window if the sideview mirrors allow for the driver to view a distance of at least 200 feet from the back of the car or truck. Read more from the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Easy Fixes For Failed Inspections

In some cases, a failed state vehicle inspection can be the result of an expensive underlying repair. In other cases, there may be a simple repair that you can either perform on your own or have an auto shop quickly take care of. Some of these issues include damaged windshield wipers, service engine lights, damaged headlights and tail lights, and worn out tires. 
Vehicle Inspections at Nationstar Autoplex

Nationstar Autoplex is one of the only certified Texas state vehicle inspection locations in Lewisville. Give us a call to set up an appointment at our service center, or swing by during our business hours, Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 7:30PM. We would be happy to perform a speedy inspection to help get your vehicle legally registered! Our highly qualified technicians have performed hundreds of vehicle inspections, and if your vehicle does happen to fail the inspection, they can recommend and perform services that will help you pass.

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